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Pasta Party and Race Snacks
Pasta Party Tips

Plan for at least 80 kids. The host family/families usually provide the pasta, sauce, and ice.  The key is to not turn down any help offered. If someone offers to help, ask them to bring a crockpot, cooked pasta, ice, or extra water. 

Plan on about 18 pounds.  
Big chunky stuff works best. 
Cook it ahead of time, put it in Ziploc bags and reheat it briefly in boiling water before serving. 
(Keep a big pot of water hot on the stove).

Offer several different types:
--meat sauce (or meatballs) (about 8-9 large jars)
--meatless red sauce (about 7 large jars)
--non-tomato (Alfredo or pesto -- about 5-6 cups of sauce)
--plain with butter (enough for 1 -2 pounds pasta

Large cans of sauce from Costco or Smart & Final can be more cost effective.
Chafing dishes or crockpots work well to keep everything hot. 
Have a container of parmesan cheese available.

Provided by other parents. Keep it warm in the oven.  

Provided by other parents. 
Need 2 large bowls for each salad & fruit with serving utensils. 
Toss the salad with the dressing; the lines will go faster.

Provided by other parents. Have coolers and ice ready.

-Plan an efficient path for the food line, keeping as much as possible outside, especially the trash and ice chests.
-Have recycling tubs available for water bottles
-Station an adult at the pool, if you have one.
-As the kids leave, ask if they have everything they brought. Take lost and found items to the meet the next day.
-Have plenty of trash bags available; ask kids to help with clean up.

Thank you for your time, effort, and energy! 
Your commitment to our athletes and the Los Al XC program is greatly appreciated!

Race Snacks Information

Food Suggestions
Granola bars or energy bars                                    Snacks with peanut butter
Gummies/Gummy Bears                                        Chocolate milk
Protein shakes or bars                                           Pretzels

Please bring snacks to the bus (or send with your runner) the morning of the race.

October 27th Pasta Party

Hosted by: 

The​ Schissel Family
11392 Donovan Rd., Rossmore